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15.06.2011 13:42:14

Welcome to Søndre Land Municipality

As a new resident of Søndre Land Municipality you are sure to be seeking answers to many questions. You can find some information in English on this web site, but we also recommend that you make contact with our Service Centre (Servicetorget in Norwegian) on Tel. +47 61 12 64 00.
The Søndre Land Municipality Service Centre is located in Hov.

Day care 
Children by the shore of RandsfjordenThere are 9 full-time day care centres in Søndre Land, 8 of them run by the municipality and 1 of them managed privately. The municipality day care centres follow a common set of rules regarding structure, pricing and placement criteria, while the private centres follow their own by-laws. In general, these centres provide care for children from ages 1 to 5.

Outdoor pre-schools or “nature kindergartens” are a growing trend in Norway. Nationwide, there are 350 centres where children spend at least four hours of the day outside. Nature kindergartens put emphasis on being in and learning from nature through all seasons of the year. One day care in Fluberg offer full outdoor program.
For more information about day care, please contact the Søndre Land Municipality Service Centre on Tel. 61 12 64 00. 

Children working at schoolThe Norwegian school system is divided into three levels:

• Primary School (1st to 7th grade)
• Secondary School (8th to 10th grade)
• Upper Secondary School (1st to 3rd year)

While the first ten grades of school are a municipal responsibility, Upper Secondary School is managed by the county administration.

The municipality is divided into 3 school districts. Children have the right to attend the school in the school district in which they reside. While parents may apply for admission to another school within the municipality, placement in that school is not guaranteed, being conditional on place availability at the time.

At the doctor Health care services in Søndre Land Municipality compromise principally Gjøvik Hospital, two municipal health clinics, as well as a range of other services such as physiotherapy, ergotherapy, rehabilitation, detoxification and psychological health care. All residents of the municipality have the right to a personal doctor.

New residents of the municipality must register with Office for Personal Doctors on Tel. 810 59 500 to be assigned a personal doctor.  


Building and renovating
RenovationIf you are planning to build or renovate a house, you will require approval of your plan from Søndre Land Municipality before you can proceed, and should therefore become familiar with the relevant municipal rules and regulations. It is recommended that you have your plan checked by an architect or engineer before you submit it to avoid wasting time in the application process. The municipality is obliged to respond to applications within a certain time period; this varies depending on the type of application.

Please contact the Service Centre for further information.

Garbage collection and recycling
Garbage collectionRegular garbage and foodgarbage is collected from private homes and businesses every second weeks. Plastic garbage and paper is collected once a month. 

Click here for collection dates in your neighbourhood.

Culture, sports and recreation 
Childrens theaterSøndre Land Municipality offers a wide variety of cultural, sports and recreation possibilities. Søndre Land Culture School offers classes in music, dance and more to young people up to the age of 20. The local theatre for children and youth, is every year putting a play on.
The nature is a popular source of recreation, in the winter as well as in the summer time. The local athletic associations, are breaking a large system of ski trails. In Hov there are also sports installations frequently in use for many sided activities.

Fishing in the small lakes is a popolar activity in summer time. The hunting for moose takes place inn the fall, and in the woods mushroom, as well as blueberries, cloudberries and red whortleberries can be found. 

Social services
Holding handsSocial services provided by Søndre Land Municipality include counselling, economic assistance, addiction care, refugee settlement, residential loans and job training. The municipality has a work centres for people with mental or physical handicaps that produce handicrafts, clothes and wood products for sale. Special housing is available for certain groups. The municipality also manages the long-term care facilities for elderly people for whom home-stay is no longer possible.

The Women's Shelter in Gjøvik is a refuge for abused women and provides a 24-hour service. It receives women who have been subjected to abuse or sexual violence and provides an emergency service for girls and woman escaping from forced marriages or circumcision.

Refugees and immigrants 
ImmigrantsRefugee settlement is jointly handled by Søndre Landr Municipality and the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.


The environment
MushroomsDrinking water is of high quality in Søndre Land Municipality, and you can safely drink tap water. 
Søndre Land has a rich biological diversity due to its varied inland topography. The municipality is home to several species listed as “rare” on a regional or national basis.

 Roads and traffic 
RoadsSøndre Land Municipality is responsible for a lot of roads, some kilometres of bicycle paths and and sidewalks. The municipality installs speeds bumps and repairs roads.  Residents are encouraged to report damage to roads or bicycle paths that can hinder traffic safety. The municipality manages snow removal along roads, bicycle paths and sidewalks throughout the winter season.

 Moving and change of address
MovingFormalities related to moving to Norway are handled by Skattekontoret. Here you can obtain information about the following:

        • Moving and names
        • Tax deduction cards
        • Tax returns
        • Inheritance and gifts
        • Value-added tax
        • Employers’ contribution (social security)

WorkThe Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV) can help you to find work in Norway and in other EU/EEA countries through the EURES network. All EU/EEA citizens living in Norway can benefit from NAV services.


Further information
For information in English about other Norwegian government services, go to

For more general information in English for new foreign residents in Norway, go to

Søndre Land kommune | Hovsbakken 1 | 2860 Hov | Telefon 61 12 64 00 |epost  

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